What are bearings used for?

Want to know what Bearings are used for? Then this is the perfect blog for you! Below is information on what bearings can be used for and what they do.

Bearings are simply just parts that assist the objects rotation by supporting the shaft that rotates inside the machinery. There are a lot of different machines that use bearings some of which include: airplanes, automobiles, electric generators and even your general day-to-day office equipment such as photocopiers, fax machines and printers. Bearings are used almost all the time in different types of machinery as these machines require shafts for rotation which the bearings will support, to put it simply, Bearings allow machines to run more smoothly.
Bearings are very important in their uses; they firstly reduce friction between two objects which then leads to allowing the moving parts to move a lot more smoothly which will reduce the damage caused by the friction. Bearings are also important because they can provide support and stability whilst they convert a sliding friction into a rolling friction which allows the system to become quicker. They also protect from damage by maintaining the correct position for the rotating shaft.

You may not know it but bearings are everywhere in our daily life, we just don't notice them. Bearings are also exciting as they are used in skateboards, video game controllers, blenders and even Microwave ovens! As you can see Bearings are almost in every daily item we use.